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Best marathon boat (Read 409 times)
09/17/19 at 11:33:54

yankeeclipper   Offline
MR340 Veteran
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Kawlloween Veteran
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Katy 50 Veteran
Kawnivore Veteran

Posts: 1505
Opinions please-What do you consider the best 2 or 3 boats for marathon paddling. This is directed to single blade paddling only so no surf skis or kayaks. Considerations would be supply storage, resupply every 30-50 miles, stability, speed or even an imagined hybrid i.e. a J boat series with more volume in front. So if you picked an outrigger it would (I assume) get a negative rate for supply storage but plus on stability and speed.
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Reply #1 - 09/18/19 at 07:15:20

Terry Davison   Offline
Future Participant

Posts: 363
Spencer Xstream or X Pro comes to mind 1st. I cannot think of a better mount!
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Reply #2 - 10/09/19 at 11:49:34

MurKee Water   Offline
4X MR340 Veteran
MR340 Safety Boat Pilot

Posts: 845
My vote is an Advantage, Voyager, Blackwater, Magic, stable enough, decent volume, barely in the Advantage, and plenty fast for a 340. If you cheat and add rudder much faster 😀
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Reply #3 - 10/30/19 at 21:06:07

slebos   Offline
5X MR340 Veteran
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2X Kawlloween Veteran
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Kawlloween Record Holder

Posts: 221
I'm a little bias. Riverhawk.. It has won the 340 in the solo mens category since 2015.  that is 4 in a row. no other boat has ever done that.. storage under the seat and in the built in hatch storage area behind the seat.
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Reply #4 - 10/31/19 at 20:22:05

brad126   Offline
6X MR340 Veteran
Branson MO

Posts: 213
I’ll second the Riverhawk. With the hatch directly behind the seat, it is accessible on the water. I could store all of the required equipment, plus have enough  water and nutrition on board for 100 miles with no issues whatsoever.
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Reply #5 - 11/03/19 at 07:16:53

Steve W   Offline
MR340 Veteran
Ground Crew Veteran

Posts: 364
slebos wrote on 10/30/19 at 21:06:07:
I'm a little bias. Riverhawk.. It has won the 340 in the solo mens category since 2015.  that is 4 in a row. no other boat has ever done that.. storage under the seat and in the built in hatch storage area behind the seat.

Ryan, I might vote for any boat you're paddling in! Would also put the Riverhawk as #1. Recognize boats are like cars, some would pick a Ferrari, others would pick a sedan or SUV. Since we get 2 or 3 picks, casting a vote for something different, the Savage River Falcon. Murkee Water mentioned the Blackwater, a great canoe. The Falcon is simply the decked version of the Blackwater.

Lightweight but tough and plenty stable enough to handle the MO River. Has a Kruger Seawind type deck so stuff stays dry and less effected by wind due to the deck and low profile. With a good paddler, you can't blame the boat if you lose the race in it's class (what is it's class?). Has a rudder, one of my requirements. Tractor seat is easily adjustable high to low at four levels.  Will eventually adapt the seat for my lousy back but a great seating system. Did 20 miles on the river today enjoying the fall colors and counting blessings. Stayed bone dry for the trip. Weighs in around 36 lbs, not the lightest boat out there but can car top it no problem.
Side note...am able to pull directly into the garage with boat on top of a VW Golf Sportswagen. First time for any of my boats being able to just pull in and park Smiley. Savage River Falcon gets my vote to be on the best marathon boat shortlist.
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Reply #6 - 11/03/19 at 22:05:57

ChrisD   Offline
MR340 Veteran
Bangor, ME

Posts: 17
Among the plain C1 boats (USCA specs, no rudder, formula 14, etc.) is there anything faster than those MurKee Water listed? I know no USCA boat will challenge a Riverhawk or take a spot on the podium in solo men, but for northern paddlers particularly a spec boat might be more versatile, and some people just like to run C1 (other people like aluminum -- takes all kinds).

I'm surprised that there aren't more C1 marathon type boats (J boats or similar) in the 340. I guess the speed increase over Advantage/Voyager/etc isn't enough to justify the lack of stability and/or seaworthiness.
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