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Best marathon boat (Read 231 times)
09/17/19 at 11:33:54

yankeeclipper   Offline
MR340 Veteran
4X Gritty Fitty Veteran
Kawlloween Veteran
2X Ground Crew Veteran
Katy 50 Veteran
Kawnivore Veteran

Posts: 1505
Opinions please-What do you consider the best 2 or 3 boats for marathon paddling. This is directed to single blade paddling only so no surf skis or kayaks. Considerations would be supply storage, resupply every 30-50 miles, stability, speed or even an imagined hybrid i.e. a J boat series with more volume in front. So if you picked an outrigger it would (I assume) get a negative rate for supply storage but plus on stability and speed.
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Reply #1 - 09/18/19 at 07:15:20

Terry Davison   Offline
Future Participant

Posts: 357
Spencer Xstream or X Pro comes to mind 1st. I cannot think of a better mount!
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Reply #2 - 10/09/19 at 11:49:34

MurKee Water   Offline
4X MR340 Veteran
MR340 Safety Boat Pilot

Posts: 845
My vote is an Advantage, Voyager, Blackwater, Magic, stable enough, decent volume, barely in the Advantage, and plenty fast for a 340. If you cheat and add rudder much faster 😀
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