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Post race shuttle via Amtrak? (Read 1295 times)
07/07/19 at 13:32:47

Forrest   Offline
Future Participant
Delano, Tennessee

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Hi all,

This will be my first MR340. I am considering using Amtrak as a shuttle option to get back to Kansas City after the race. I have a few questions that I hope some of you all can help me with. Thanks in advance!

I've read some posts about racers using Amtrak as a shuttle option after the race. Do they haul your boat or is there a place where I could safely store it in the St. Charles area, even if there's a fee?

Also, is there food/nutrition/drinking water available for purchase at all the checkpoints? And is tent camping allowed at the checkpoints (for racers)?

Thanks again
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Reply #1 - 07/09/19 at 22:21:21

Jaybee   Offline
3X MR340 Veteran
Knoxville, TN

Posts: 412
Since I know which direction you are coming from  Wink   I'll suggest that you are better off finding a ride for you and your boat from St. Charles to KC prior to the race.  Makes more sense for someone who lives east of the finish line like you do.  All you need is a west-bound paddler with extra rack space and room for you.

It's a 4+ hour drive from St. Charles to KC so if you leave your vehicle in KC and have to go back to get it, you are adding 8-1/2 hours of driving to your trip home.

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Reply #2 - 07/11/19 at 19:59:56

Tbone13   Offline
Future Participant
Kansas City

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Camping is allowed at the checkpoints as well as other access points. Read the previous Official Race Dispatches on this forum for more info regarding possible places to stop and camp.

Food and water are available at several checkpoints. Bring cash. Once again, check the previous dispatches.

For transportation, I would go to the MR340 and Midwest Paddle Racing facebook pages and ask if anyone is available to share transportation. Those two facebook pages have a lot more communication going on than this site.

Good luck! Have fun! Be safe!
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