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Storing a kayak outdoors? (Read 1048 times)
04/12/18 at 03:50:09

Paddle in Seattle   Offline
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Seattle, WA

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I paddle an Epic 18x and have the opportunity to store the boat at a club we belong to on Lake Washington (next to Seattle). This should let me paddle in the morning before work, but I will need to store my boat on an outside rack, exposed to the elements. Does anyone have tips on protecting the boat, both from the sun and from theft?
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Reply #1 - 04/12/18 at 14:19:52

Dead Last Johnnie O   Offline
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  for security if there is a secure rack it can be attatched to.

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Reply #2 - 04/12/18 at 17:02:35

MurKee Water   Offline
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303 protectant for UV
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Reply #3 - 04/13/18 at 07:52:00

Jaybee   Offline
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Some kind of cover - be it a fitted boat cover or just a tarp but you want to keep the sun off if it as much as possible.   For security on a rack a cable run through the bailer and around something solid is simple and effective.

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