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Filtering Water ? (Read 1420 times)
01/07/18 at 23:27:42

WaywardTraveler   Offline
Future Participant
Grant, AL

Posts: 6
For those going unsupported solo, does anyone filter water for drinking rather than carrying a 2-3 day load from Kaw?  Always mindful of the 12-hour rule.

For hiking, I use a Katadyne Hiker Pro that will fill a Nalgen bottle from a mud hole. Seems like it would be ok to take a break and float while pumping a couple of bottles. I assume water is available somewhere.

If this isn’t practical, can I count on buying bottled water by the 12-pack at the check points?

Newbie, filled with so many questions.

Greg    Shocked
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Reply #1 - 01/08/18 at 07:59:33

Jaybee   Offline
2X MR340 Veteran
Knoxville, TN

Posts: 392
The advice from anyone who has tried to filter the river water is to never, never do it.

Boat # 3489
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Reply #2 - 01/08/18 at 15:16:54

Jon Marble   Offline
7X MR340 Veteran

Posts: 182
Jim is right, I thought I would use a filter the first year I did this race thing. The MO is just too muddy and your filter will clog in no time. There has historically been plenty of opportunity to refill water along the way.
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Reply #3 - 01/08/18 at 18:12:17

Borch   Offline
Future Participant

Posts: 24
Did I hear right that the Boy Scouts sell water at check points? If so, is it by the bottle or do they refill your containers?
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Reply #4 - 01/08/18 at 19:07:37

Notorious D.A.D.   Offline
2X MR340 Veteran
Wichita KS/Scottsdale AZ

Posts: 205
It's really not a big deal.  My first year I was unsupported solo and I was a little worried about water as well.  I started the race with 2 camelbacks and a couple of liters of gator aid and never ran out.

Pretty much every checkpoint and even some of the non-checkpoint ramps have food vendors set up and most have free water.  The free option is usually an igloo cooler set up to top off your containers, but some places have bottled water or gator aid for sale and I think that I had to buy ice once, but only because one of the checkpoints only had it in 10 lb bags. 

Also, it was really hot that year and by day two every time I saw a safety boat they slowed down long enough to ask if I was okay with water.  They would have hooked me up if I needed them, but I never did. 

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Reply #5 - 01/08/18 at 19:37:58

DeniseD   Offline
3X MR340 Veteran
4X Ground Crew Veteran
St. Louis

Posts: 104
Water is available at most check-points and non-checkpoints either free or for sale. Also most ground crews will have extra water and be happy to top you off. For sale will typically be single serve bottles. Free could be coolers as mentioned, or tap.
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Reply #6 - 01/08/18 at 20:13:46

bobber   Offline
4X MR340 Veteran

Posts: 56
Last year I bought a Zell Water Bottle on Amazon.$ 21.It will hold 64 oz.of water and ice for 24 hrs.I kept it for a reserve.I always had ice cold water...Best water cooler I found.Good luck.
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Reply #7 - 02/06/18 at 10:58:55

D. Turley   Offline
Race Volunteer
Shawnee, KS USA

Posts: 84
Filtered water that won’t kill you does not equal taste good.

Kaw River Paddler
KRV Sawfish (Osagian Kayak 12ft)
Greenland Paddle
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Reply #8 - 02/06/18 at 11:18:07

Idratherbike   Offline
MR340 Veteran

Posts: 13
MSR makes a mean filter that I have personally used (this thing is cool). This is an exceptional product that self cleans and hooks up right to a camel bak or nalgene wide mouth bottle.


A more qualified individual could probably speak to the safety issues regarding MO river water.

If you were going to do it I think you would want a pump type filter.

There is tons of water available, but I see the allure of filtering your own.
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Reply #9 - 02/08/18 at 19:38:47

Ruff   Offline
3X MR340 Veteran

Posts: 60
Once you smell the mighty mo you will be happy your not filtering Smiley
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Reply #10 - 03/06/18 at 18:44:17

Hannah   Offline
Race Volunteer
Shawnee, KS

Posts: 17
Health hazards aside, I understand that a big reason people say "don't" is the amount of silt in the Missouri River.  There is so much large particulate matter suspended in the river water that it will simply clog most filters right away...unless you were to perhaps pre-filter it through some sand...sand is heavy.

I have heard (indirectly) of people having some success by harvesting MO river water into containers and keeping it still until the silt settles, then filtering off the top.  Needless to say, if you stayed ashore long enough to do this, you wouldn't finish the race! Wink

H. Turley
2017 race volunteer
2018 ground crew
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