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Veteran Status (Read 52009 times)
Reply #220 - 02/10/20 at 09:42:34

Notorious D.A.D.   Offline
3X MR340 Veteran
Wichita KS/Scottsdale AZ

Posts: 230
SternRoughRider wrote on 01/16/19 at 14:40:19:
Can I (2018 boat 0406) get a 1x MR340 and 1x freedom race. Not sure if it's a thing or not but boat 0406 has the current canoe record in the freedom race as well.

The Freedom race is Midwest Paddle Racing.  Isn't really part of rivermiles.

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Reply #221 - 03/03/20 at 21:09:15

Nelsojus   Offline
2X MR340 Veteran
Atlanta, MO

Posts: 3
Can I get a MR340 veteran status, please
2018 boat #2638
Thank you!
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Reply #222 - 08/22/20 at 08:58:20

GaryE   Offline
7X MR340 Veteran
Mount Carroll, IL

Posts: 101
Two weeks and nobody has asked for a upgrade, well here goes, Scott one more for me makes eight in a row, thanks for hosting another great race.

One of The Legendary Carp Whisperers (seen on 340paddler)
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Reply #223 - 08/22/20 at 20:10:46

Allen   Offline
3X Ground Crew Veteran

Posts: 15
One more Ground Crew for me.  Thanks.

Ground Crew Veteran Boat #3489
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Reply #224 - 08/24/20 at 15:42:32

MurKee Water   Offline
4X MR340 Veteran
MR340 Safety Boat Pilot

Posts: 864
hard to  believe this was number 5 for me.
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Reply #225 - 08/24/20 at 16:38:02

Jaybee   Offline
3X MR340 Veteran
Knoxville, TN

Posts: 413
Add me to the list - got to keep up with my ground crew. #4 for me. Boat #3489

Boat # 3489
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Reply #226 - 08/26/20 at 14:22:19

Doug Jennings   Offline
12X MR340 Veteran
2X Kawnivore Veteran
MR340 Record Holder
5X Gritty Fitty Veteran
Kawlloween Record Holder
Kawnivore Record Holder
4X Kawlloween Veteran
Kansas City, MO

Posts: 43
Great Race Scott

Put me down for #13
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Reply #227 - 08/27/20 at 21:04:49

Really Tired   Offline
8X MR340 Veteran
Ground Crew Veteran

Posts: 57
Please add another MR340 to my list (9 now). And I offer another challenge to all my fellow senior citizens. You can do this! (Well, maybe.)
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Reply #228 - 08/31/20 at 09:05:30

Donna Miles   Offline
6X MR340 Veteran

Posts: 30
Please update my veteran status. Donna Milesx7
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Reply #229 - 08/31/20 at 12:01:28

Middlekid65   Offline
5X MR340 Veteran
Lees Summit

Posts: 83
Update for me as well, Jody Carroll, to 6 .. thanks Scott #4611

Blistered Sisters
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Reply #230 - 08/31/20 at 17:56:17

JohnK   Offline
3X MR340 Veteran

Posts: 37
Scott, Thanks for another great event, please give me number 4. Boat 1861.
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Reply #231 - 09/01/20 at 21:31:50

Pete Roscoe   Offline
4X MR340 Veteran
Wildwood, MO

Posts: 18
Number 5 for me. Pete Roscoe boat number 7472. Thanks!
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