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2017 Observations (Read 746 times)
08/13/17 at 11:11:06

D. Turley   Offline
Race Volunteer
Shawnee, KS USA

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Things I noticed while working ramps this year.
1) ground crews- ground crews need to be present and prepared to get wet. Many paddlers had a ton of wasted time either waiting at the bottom of a ramp for an MIA/disorganized ground crew or having a ground crew that decided suddenly that there were more important things to do other than helping their paddler. Ground crews need to be out of the way of other crews until their paddler arrives then be there at or in the water as needed. Clapping is important but not helpful when the paddler needs you.

2) Boat lighting. We noticed a lot of boats had inadequate navigation lights. On the ramp looking down river we had boats that would seemingly come out of nowhere at night. If we are actively looking for you and can't see you then there is a problem. We literally deployed actual night vision to keep an eye out for paddlers.

3) Heavy/large boats without bow lines. Large and heavy boats with bow lines are simple to park at ramps that cannot accommodate them.

4) Holding up the show- last person out of a checkpoint or getting out of a checkpoint in a timely manner. While you might not be technically reaped, if you are the last one out of a checkpoint you are literally tying up a safety boat single handedly. Remember that the cutoff times are there to keep you ahead of the reaper, but also as a reminder of when you should be on your way. By staying past cutoff you aren't breaking rules, but you MIGHT be acting inconsiderate towards your fellow racers. Last place carries much responsibility; more than first place in many ways.

Everyone did great and I can't wait until next year. Cheesy
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