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The GAS, TBD (Read 24196 times)
10/19/15 at 17:07:59
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

The Gas 2016

June 11, 2016
20 Miles

$25  prepay through PayPal ( bbrooks5973@gmail.com ) or
Check or cash day of race.

Safety Meeting 8:15 am

Start 9am Riddle Bridge Access

Finish Jerome


SUP men
5:13  Steve Olson

Men Solo Kayak 18' and under
2:50  Dan Frisch
2:57  John McCoy
2:58  Gerry Mitchell
2:59 Greg Fehrenbach
3:02 Paul Porneluzi
3:07 Adam Brashears
3:08 Larry Waters
3:24 Kent Robinson
5:13 William O'Brien

Women Solo Kayak  18' and under
3:37 Kathy Jones

Men C1
2:48 Mark Schattenburg

Men Solo Unlimited 
3:03 Rusty Self

Women Solo Unlimited
3:11 Renee Simmons
Mixed Aluminum
4:48 Sherri Ortiz / Johnnie Ortiz

Men Tandem 
2:37 Jim Short / Dylan McHardy
2:55 Brad Daniels / Micheal Mathews
3:34 Sean Connor / John Connor

Women Tandem 
3:02 Amanda Urban / Di McHenry
3:04 Laura Brashear / Carol Heddinghaus

Mixed Tandem 
2:48 Mike Herbert / Savanna Herbert
3:23 Hogan Haake / JoJo Newbold

Team Boat 3 
2:46 Diana DieBold / Daryl Simon / Chad Breshears

Looks like as good a day as any to have a race on the beautiful Gasconade River. Details to follow just securing a date on the calendar for next year.

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Reply #1 - 10/19/15 at 19:48:47
Mchardy   Ex Member

Aluminum classes?
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Reply #2 - 10/20/15 at 04:21:18
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

Best river for it!

Of course!
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Reply #3 - 04/11/16 at 09:28:56
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

This is one of the 8 races on the MPR race calendar.  If you're racing for points this a beautiful river collect on.

Here's the Flyer

The_Gas_Flyer_001.jpg (Attachment deleted | 740 )
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Reply #4 - 05/02/16 at 17:08:04
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

Got the go-ahead for the Special Use Permits. They say the Jerome Access will be open. But..... if not this race will be 36 miles to Bell Chute.   

Now if I can just get a beer sponsor. Working with the Piney River Beer people but nothing definitive yet. Very fitting being that the race goes right by both the BIG Piney and little piney rivers.

SYOTR has also helped out. You'll have to be one of the first 20 registered to find out how.
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Reply #5 - 05/02/16 at 19:26:22
Kent osagepaddlesports.com   Ex Member

I just signed up I must have been one of the 1st twenty it said I get my choice of one of your Alumacraft canoes Grin
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Reply #6 - 05/02/16 at 20:21:38
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

Ha Ha!  ☺
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Reply #7 - 05/17/16 at 19:19:26
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

The Jerome Access is open for business once again. The race is a go for the 20-21 mile course. Thanks to the efforts of the Missouri Department of Conservation.
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Reply #8 - 05/18/16 at 10:22:34
Manitou Paddler   Ex Member

cant wait for this one......psyched Cool
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Reply #9 - 05/18/16 at 18:00:10
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

We're going to preview the course Saturday if anyone wants to tag along.
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Reply #10 - 06/08/16 at 04:27:49
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

The river has more water than last year and the weather is going to be Awesome.

Saturday is the day.

From StL or Springfield exit interstate 44 at Y highway in St. Robert (I think it's the one at Cracker Barrel)

From KC highway 50 to Tipton then 5 south toward Versailles east on 52 to Tuscumbia then south on 17 to St. Robert interstate  44 east to highway Y

From Columbia / Jefferson City take 63 south to 28 south through Dixon right on highway O. Take that to the river turn left on cave road.
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Reply #11 - 06/08/16 at 06:16:39
HoganHaake   Ex Member

I'm planning on heading down to the race from St. Louis. Anybody else going and want to caravan? It might be nice to have a car at the finish for logistics! Or even pre-shuttle if there is time!

Send me a PM or call/text.

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Reply #12 - 06/12/16 at 14:24:37
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

Results posted at the top of this page.
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Reply #13 - 01/03/17 at 19:24:21
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

The Gas June 17th 2017. Details to follow.

Going to do this again. Looking forward to a good turn out.
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Reply #14 - 03/17/17 at 08:53:08
Kirk Freels   Ex Member

I have a few newbies that might be interested in this race, anymore details on the race? This would be a great one for most of them. Thanks
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Reply #15 - 03/17/17 at 09:59:52
yankeeclipper   Ex Member

Have a novice class at the Gutbuster sponsored by Some Beach Outfitters, only 6 miles
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Reply #16 - 03/19/17 at 20:24:50
brian and marilyn   Ex Member


This is great race on the Gasconade river. It's 20 Miles of ozark river with some swifter water about knee deep and some ponding that barely moves. Depending on the water level of course. The scenery is spectacular. Public access start and finish lines, with a mile long view of paddlers as they approach the finish line.

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Reply #17 - 03/24/17 at 06:25:19
Kirk Freels   Ex Member

Brian - Sounds really cool, I have done the race in the past and enjoyed it. Do you have the start times figured out?

Thanks - Kirk
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Reply #18 - 03/29/17 at 07:03:56
k1herbert   Ex Member

Really enjoyed your race on the Gas last year. The Outdoor race is on your race date. Any way to make your race Sunday or a different Saturday. Your putting it on so its your call.
Thanks Mike
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Reply #19 - 04/13/17 at 16:41:23
brian and marilyn   Ex Member

The details....

The_Gas_Flyer_002.jpg (Attachment deleted | 845 )
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