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340 in limerick form. (Read 7610 times)
08/17/14 at 22:22:40
JoJo   Ex Member


So my friend named Hogan buys a boat.
And all we want to do is go float.
But that's no way to train
when you have the 340 on the brain...
we'd actually have to pull the paddle out.

Our ground support, Danelle, is his wife.
She showed up at midnight to give us new life.
Little did she know
we had been paddling so slow
cuz we're too scared to paddle at night.

Our technology failed at the drop of a hat
pumps and lights and even the iPad.
It was all supposed to be so superior...
probably operator error...
Please don't tell Hogan I said that

We didn't let the fog get us down.
Paddled straight into it like clowns.
Everyone else slept on shore
as we passed them by we heard them snore
Man, I wish we'd stopped at the last town.

The trees lit up in the moonlight.
They danced like cartoons. What a sight!
The situation was surreal.
I cannot express how I feel.
But maybe like I got struck by a meteorite

There is no skin on my derrier.
I am blaming it on a guy named Kevin Appier.
He tried to pass us
but he wasn't the fastest
and now I am gonna hurt for a year.

How it started I am not sure.
He had a crazy i-de-er.
So many friends I have made
from the adventure he created
I guess I should thank Scott Mansker.
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Reply #1 - 08/18/14 at 05:35:58
S. Tretter   Ex Member

That is fantastic JoJo!
Ps, I loved the video.
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Reply #2 - 08/18/14 at 13:15:43
Dmon   Ex Member

There once was a gal named Jo,
Her paddling was not known as slow.
She'd paddle all night,
with nary a fright,
even when fog commenced to blow.
Her partner's name was Hogan.
His skill was not just a token.
Together they splashed,
then decided to dash
for third place was a goal to be broken.
They finished with second place honors.
quite happy with both their endeavors.
Beers were had by all
as they toasted the fall
of the placing they chased at all hours.    Smiley
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Reply #3 - 08/18/14 at 22:16:38
Barbara   Ex Member

I DID like the portion of the video into the fog, especially.  We only hear about that experience but to see it is a different story.

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Reply #4 - 08/18/14 at 22:31:16
Edward   Ex Member

A man from central Missouri
Raced day one in too much of a hurry
A tendon he damaged
But press on he managed
Now about his arm he does worry

...My forearm makes a creaking sound when I move my thumb...
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Reply #5 - 08/19/14 at 06:35:31
Dmon   Ex Member

A man from central Missouri
Raced day one in too much of a hurry
A tendon he damaged
But press on he managed
Now about his arm he does worry

...My forearm makes a creaking sound when I move my thumb...

Yup sounds about right! I've got two numb toes on each foot and the swelling in my knees finally went down yesterday!  Smiley I was in a pedal drive boat...
Hang in there Edward! This too shall pass but the memory of your awesomeness will also manage to press on!
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Reply #6 - 08/20/14 at 10:27:24
JoJo   Ex Member

Let me tell you bout D Van Hoose.
His britches he did loose.
And undies don't float
overboard the 3 man peddleboat...
his team was on a nude cruise.
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Reply #7 - 08/20/14 at 10:32:04
JoJo   Ex Member

This girl named Susan passed us
Like we were sitting in a bowl full of molasses.
Renee, if you teach her
it's gonna be impossible to beat 'er
Please train her to be less tenacious.
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Reply #8 - 08/20/14 at 11:16:18
S. Tretter   Ex Member

Yes, I do need some learning from Renee!!
I do hope she teaches!

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Reply #9 - 08/20/14 at 14:39:44
Manitou Paddler   Ex Member

Wow...With a little more work....a good backbeat and some bling....you might be able to join the hip hop crew of the Beastie Boys:

Here ya go peeps:

We held some back
for the crush'n
on day two

Only to be
knocked out like tyson
when only half way thru

but we got our groove on
by the afternoon
of day two
only to have the fog
play us for a fool

still we kept push'n
Giv'n the beast a smack
better bro's than before
and that's a fact
...oh yeah, thats a fact

Bboys...in da house

Here is our future shuttle ride....check it!!....now just gotta
Score some fuzzy dice ...yo

Saw this near hotel at start of race.....bitch'n

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