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Freedom Race Updates, Classes, T-shirts, etc. (Read 20567 times)
06/04/14 at 01:34:25
Dark Horse Paddler   Ex Member

Hi All,
You still have time to sign up online for the Freedom Race on June 21!  I have ordered the T-shirts, but I ordered a few extras.  First come first serve!  Sign up now to ensure you get one.  They are very nice athletic performance moisture wicking shirts.  Short sleeve, 4.1 oz white with dark blue print.  Flatlock seams, and triple sewn neck and hems.  It's nice!  Check it out below. (and ladies, it's not too thin either, so see through shouldn’t be too bad of an issue if slightly wet).

All Classes will receive trophies for 1st – 3rd.

Top 5 overall boats will also receive trophies.

Currently, we do not have full classes for the Canoe class, Women’s Solo, and Women’s Tandem.  Those racers will still be recognized with a class win, but we reserve the right to combine classes if we only have 1 or 2 in a class.  Furthermore, if you want to be counted for MPR points, you must have a minimum of 3 boats in the class.


2014_Freedom_Race_Shirt.png (Attachment deleted | 904 )
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Reply #1 - 06/04/14 at 05:43:55
yankeeclipper   Ex Member

Kindly explain this combining of classes. You say if only one or two are entered in a class they will be put into another class but still recognized? Does that mean they get an "atta boy" and no trophy even though they worked as hard as everybody else, spent just as much on gas to travel to support your race in addition to the entry fee? It doesn't take any more effort to have two boats in a class than ten. Besides the trophys are already purchased.
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Reply #2 - 06/04/14 at 08:11:04
oakcabinpaddler   Ex Member

Hi Joe,

Have you ordered the shirts? If not, double check the date on the shirt in the png file above. If you have ordered, do not double check the date.

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Reply #3 - 06/04/14 at 08:27:33
BAJA 27   Ex Member

I just noticed it myself. Off by 3 days. Smiley
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Reply #4 - 06/05/14 at 02:07:14
Dark Horse Paddler   Ex Member

Thanks for the eyes on the dates.  It was an old picture, and a typo.  Don't worry, the dates are correct.

The trophies are already purchased, and if you've signed up already, then you have no worry about that - provided you win your class.  Obviously if there is only one boat in your class, then you've got some tough competition with the river. Wink

However, the MPR rules state that you must have a class of three or more in order to earn points.  It is up to the race director to combine classes at his discretion if there is only a class of one, which there are 3 classes of at this moment.

Regardless of whether you win a trophy or not though, I have worked hard to make the Freedom Race a good value.  All entries will recieve a medal, a performance shirt, and a free hot meal (hot dogs/hamburgers chips and drink).  Everyone recieves a ticket for the raffle (Epic Paddle, Thetis Paddle, Dry Bags, Spiz Products, Hammer Products, and other Epic articles).  And everyone gets free hammer products in their goodie bag.

Hopefully winning a top three trophy in a class of less than three isn't the break point for a decision to race the Freedom Race.

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Reply #5 - 06/05/14 at 07:01:40
FatPaddlerUSA   Ex Member

Good value indeed.  I'll send in my registration on Saturday!

Just PM'd you on a related race topic...

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Reply #6 - 06/06/14 at 08:54:33
Dark Horse Paddler   Ex Member

Hey All,

I just got confirmation we will have free chiropractic and athletic injury care to race participants, staff, volunteers and spectators at the Freedom Race! 

Logan University's BioFreeze Human Performance Center will be on hand at the start, at the Katfish Katy's checkpoint, and at the finish to provide free chiropractic and athletic injury care.  This care will include chiropractic adjustments, stretching, athletic and kinesio taping, injury evaluation and icing.  All care is provided absolutely free of charge.

Anticipated times of availability are:
Starting line - 6:15am to 8am
Katfish Katy's 10am to 1pm
Jeff City finish 3pm to 5pm

It's a win-win as their senior interns will use this experience to work with a unique athletic contingent and be mentored on-field by one of the area's top sports medicine docs.

Thanks Barry and all those at Logan University!!!
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Reply #7 - 06/07/14 at 13:29:01
Michael J Blaney   Ex Member

Should one be without ground crew will there be transportation available back to the starting point?
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Reply #8 - 06/08/14 at 15:13:03
Dark Horse Paddler   Ex Member

There is not transportation officially available, but I am pretty sure you can find a ride as many folks will be heading back to KC after the race and it's right in the way and right off the highway.
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Reply #9 - 06/11/14 at 05:57:29
Dark Horse Paddler   Ex Member


Updated Roster.  Close to 75 people and 50 boats.  Getting big!  But we could use more canoes, and women's solo and women's tandem! 
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Reply #10 - 06/16/14 at 01:07:02
traci-lynn   Ex Member


I am curious...

If I am the only solo female that signs up for your race, then how will that reflect in regards to the MPR points?

Overall, I dont really care about the points. I am doing the Freedom Race as a training run for the 340.. But I was curious if I would get grouped in with the solo men and earn points based on how I placed in regards to the men or if I just wouldnt get any points at all for the Freedom Race.

I believe that the two other races that you sponsored ended up placing me in with the men as well... and I still did ok.   Roll Eyes

Maybe I can make it easier for everyone if I just shave all of my hair off and start calling myself "Mr Bruno".   Cheesy    Cheesy
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Reply #11 - 06/16/14 at 08:28:31
Manitou Paddler   Ex Member


I am giving any points I might accidentally earn to Matt Green....so he can feel special.  I am sure he would share some with you.....but only a few, because this whole point thing is very serious business for him and he is not one to be toyed with!!! Tongue

........And I don't want to see him cry Roll Eyes

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Reply #12 - 06/16/14 at 12:16:50
Manitou Paddler   Ex Member

We have another river rise coming.....while it is forcasted to be just below flood stage (however, 2-3 feet higher than what is was this weekend)...that forcast does not include any rain beyond 24 hours out.....and we have chance of rain several days later in the week and the precip totals estimated are 2-3 inches in some areas that are above Boonville and feed into the Missouri River.   

SO we will for sure see a very high river for the race and may even see a slug of debris again.

A south wind is predicted on race day (thank goodness...would not know what to do without a grinding head wind)...good news about the wind is that it is supposed to be almost 90 degrees on Saturday...and if we had a minor tail wind and you would feel like you had your head in a microwave.

River is as River Does.

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Reply #13 - 06/18/14 at 00:30:21
Ryan J. McCoy   Ex Member

The RiverPenguins will be bringing a day of registration mixed tandem canoe.  Just thought we'd give a heads up to you.
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Reply #14 - 06/18/14 at 02:30:45
traci-lynn   Ex Member

laughing my ass off.....

hummm, in my opinion, there are few things worse in life than to see a grown man cry, so I think that matt should keep all of your points Bryan...

I wear big girl panties now... ummm I mean big boy underwear...
I will be be just fine!!

Mr Bruno
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Reply #15 - 06/19/14 at 08:46:48
bentstep   Ex Member

hey folks,
i just lost my support crew (read: guy who was going to drive my car from the start to the finish for me).

any suggestions for getting a ride from (and back to) st. louis for this saturday's race?  or tips on how to hitch a ride from jeff city to lamine... with a kayak?

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Reply #16 - 06/19/14 at 10:15:08
Hawkeyes99   Ex Member

bentstep -  I sent you a PM.   

Bob Harms
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Reply #17 - 06/19/14 at 11:56:11
bentstep   Ex Member

thanks very much to Hawkeyes99.
see you in Jeff City "bright" and early on Saturday morning.

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Reply #18 - 06/23/14 at 07:31:38
gus   Ex Member

Are the results from the race posted some where on this topic and I am missing it?   Not a big deal.  Just curious.

Thanks again Joe for a great race.  Scott and I had a blast.  River and wind conditions were a lot better then forecasted.  No debris at all for the most part and the wind did not pick up until very late in the day.
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Reply #19 - 06/23/14 at 15:36:40
Rose   Ex Member

I'm looking for the results also -- want to see how everybody did.  -- nice high water. 
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