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Comprehensive MR340 Results 2006-2019 (Read 66280 times)
09/07/16 at 09:39:54
Aquarock   Ex Member

A short summary of what you will find on the tabs:

MR340 History – Links to the rosters, dispatches, dates the races were held, divisions that competed, checkpoints that were used, ambient temperatures and the historical water levels for each year of the race (2006-2019).

MR340 Summary – Historical totals for each boat registered, total boats Completed/DNS/DNF, DNF’s by Checkpoint, Sub XX hour club finishes by Division, Total paddlers by State competing for each year’s race…with cumulative totals at the top.  Note, I am still missing complete results of the 2007 race so they are not included in any of my totals at this time.  If you know where I can find them please let me know.

Finishes – Shows all paddlers year and division with their DNS, DNF, or Finish totals.  There is a section showing just how many miles each paddler has completed (yes, you get “credit” for ALL miles you complete across all years you've run the race).  Did I mention that from 2006-2018 as a collective whole, racers have paddled well over 1,000,000 miles (even without 2007 included)!

Records – Pretty self-explanatory here.  Top 10 times for each division…and even a new class…the Dead Last Legion giving credit to the very last boat that crosses the finish line each year!

50HR Club – A listing of all paddlers by division that have achieved the elusive Sub-50 hour mark.

Yearly tabs – Complete results from top to bottom by year detailing, place, division, finish club, last checkpoint, boat #’s, boat name, boat type, team members, and times.  Note:
Help me fill in the "Boat Type" Column (J) on each year telling me the boat mfg/model you completed (or attempted) the race in.  

I hope you all enjoy this information overload as much as I have in putting it together.  If you see errors/omissions please let me know so we can get them corrected.  I plan on keeping this as a “Living” document so hopefully we can fill in a lot of the blanks that I have and make it even better.  I welcome an feedback/comments/suggestions.  Enjoy!

Link to MR340 History:

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Reply #1 - 01/02/17 at 18:27:48
Tandem Kayaker   Ex Member

This is really excellent!  So interesting to see!!  Thank you.
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Reply #2 - 01/06/17 at 13:16:11
DeniseD   Ex Member

Pretty positive that Katfish Katy's was the checkpoint in 2010, not Cooper's.  My first year being ground crew and spent the night there with 2 of my paddlers.
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Reply #3 - 01/09/17 at 06:47:07
Aquarock   Ex Member

Thanks for the correction Denise.  I had it right on the actual results page, just goofed on the summary sheet.   Smiley
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Reply #4 - 08/17/17 at 20:05:21
Wayfarer   Ex Member

Marek Uliasz - solo, boat #0013

2006 Spencer Xtreme canoe
2007 WSBS Thunderbolt-X kayak
2008 Kruger Sea Wind canoe
2009 Surfrigger outrigger canoe
2010 Kruger Sea Wind canoe
2011 DNS
2012 JKK Supernova kayak
2013 Kruger Sea Wind canoe
2014 DNS
2015 Kruger Sea Wind canoe
2016 Kruger Sea Wind canoe
2017 Starboard Expedition SUP

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Reply #5 - 07/21/18 at 09:18:51
chiles   Ex Member

This is way cool Barb! Thanks for every thing you do!
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Reply #6 - 10/21/18 at 09:18:31
ChrisD   Ex Member

This is a fabulous resource! Is there an update with 2018 results?
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Reply #7 - 10/25/18 at 10:43:57
Aquarock   Ex Member

Still working on it...works gotten in the way of me having fun with the data!  Coming soon I promise!   Cheesy
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Reply #8 - 12/31/18 at 15:28:16
Aquarock   Ex Member

2018 results have been added just in time for sign up!  Sorry for the delay!! Smiley
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Reply #9 - 02/11/19 at 10:59:02
paddlerunner   Ex Member

2018...For boat type I was in Perception Expression #1500.

J. Rundell
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Reply #10 - 02/25/19 at 06:44:05
Aquarock   Ex Member

Got em' logged...thank you!
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Reply #11 - 02/27/19 at 11:54:15
Otter   Ex Member

Great comprehensive info. Thanks for your effort and for sharing.
There has been considerable talk of age (oldest/ youngest) in the past.  I was wondering if the paddlers ages can be added ?
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Reply #12 - 03/22/19 at 09:28:21
Aquarock   Ex Member

Thank you for the kind feedback!   Smiley

I doubt will ever add ages....its all in the mind in my humble opinion.  It doesn't matter if you are super young, super old, or anywhere in between.  Cheesy
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Reply #13 - 03/26/19 at 20:58:28
WAIMANU   Ex Member

Agree, age not required and about "it's all in the mind", that is a problem.I would like to be able to lower it!! That being said could FONT SIZE BE INCREASED??!!  Smiley
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Reply #14 - 04/30/19 at 22:12:17
TwoFish   Ex Member

In 2018, I was in an Arctic Hawk...#0624 (Women's Solo)

This is an amazing collection of data. Thanks for pulling it all together.
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Reply #15 - 06/07/19 at 16:26:16
ats   Ex Member

Boat type for 1142
2014 finish homemade cedarstrip
2016 dnf’d Wenonah Jensen c2 fiberglass
2017 dns cheasepeake light craft kayak
2018 finish wenonah voyager
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Reply #16 - 06/12/19 at 05:58:16
Aquarock   Ex Member

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Reply #17 - 06/21/19 at 09:12:52
ScottG   Ex Member

2018 - Boat #1960 >> Delta 17
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Reply #18 - 07/13/19 at 18:03:32
Donna Miles   Ex Member

Donna Miles
2013 mixed tandem #3343 OldTownDirigoTandemPlus 81:12
2014 solo #4332 SewardCompass dnf 104m sick
2015 women’s tandem #4332 dnf 141m partner sick
2016 women’s solo #4332 SeawardCompass 77:46
2017 mixed tandem #4332 CurrentDesign 71:55
2018 mixed tandem #4332 Epic 18x double 65:20

2020 women’s tandem #4332 OldTowmDirigoTandemPlus 68:01
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Reply #19 - 07/17/19 at 09:03:07
Aquarock   Ex Member

All updated!
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