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Our own MR340 Language (Read 6933 times)
08/18/10 at 23:38:54

MightyMO   Offline
5X MR340 Veteran

Posts: 130
It's time to share the lingo we've created after being on the river too long.  Grin

Tent staking: when everyone seems to be passing you and you seem stuck in one place

Dinner is ready (aka the noodles are done): your arms are toast

Suffering an endurance inversion: tired

Sardined: going crazy after sitting in your kayak too long

River Zombied: don't worry - this one will explain itself at mile 140...

Returning from the blood drive: mosquitoes ate you alive last night

Taking the scenic route: ending up on the wrong side of the river out of the main current...

Matrixing (this one's real): when the treeline starts to look like elephants shortly after dusk (!)

Lewis & Clark'ing it: Packing enough food and gear for 45 men

Turbo 'billies: rednecks in flannel shirts with a cooler in an old aluminum canoe that end up finishing in 60 hours  Shocked

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Reply #1 - 08/19/10 at 09:43:29

Katie   Offline
6X MR340 Veteran
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Kawnivore Record Holder
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Katy 50 Veteran and Record Holder
Human: The original carbon

Posts: 214
Brilliant Brett!  You're awesome...

Lego Hands: When your hands stay cupped like a lego man's hands when not paddling.

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Reply #2 - 08/19/10 at 09:48:49
Scott   Ex Member

Shower Sway:  That feeling of disequilibrium whenever you're standing somewhere and you can't see a horizon... like shower, an elevator, etc.  This is due to multiple days on the water.  Not entirely a bad feeling and I sort of miss it when it's gone.
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Reply #3 - 08/19/10 at 10:18:27

goldfishgoddess   Offline
2X MR340 Veteran
The Docks, Pembrokeshire Wales

Posts: 308
Zombie boils-  those big burping monsters by the wing dams

Mo's Revenge-   what happens if you drink the water, even unintentionally


Lots of love from Wales, United Kingdom.
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Reply #4 - 08/19/10 at 11:25:07

West Hansen   Offline
7X MR340 Veteran
2X MR340 Record Holder
3X Gritty Veteran
Kawnivore Record Holder
Kawnivore Veteran
Gritty Fitty Record Holder
He who hesitates is lunch.
--Chuck Darwin
Austin, Texas, Third Coast

Posts: 1623
Stob: anything hard and unmoveable in the water you need to avoid.

Passenger: anyone in the boat that's not you.

Lilly-dipping: what passengers are doing instead of paddling.

Idiot: passengers who can't read your mind and do exactly what you want them to do to make your life easier.


Cognitive Dissonance: when being wrong just isn't an option.
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Reply #5 - 08/19/10 at 12:03:57

Mark Bramer   Offline
3X MR340 Veteran
Sanity checked at the
Maryland Heights, MO

Posts: 273
stobbenger:  An idiot that went too far.

18' QCC 700X&&http://www.active.com/donate/paddle2battle&&Paddling to battle cancer one stroke at a time
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Reply #6 - 08/19/10 at 12:40:16

Los Humungos   Offline
2X MR340 Veteran
Sometimes wears a Wally
Werderich costume

Posts: 1376
Riding the magic carpet - paddling in the current
Suck water - shallower part of the river where the the paddling is very hard
Popping the canoe - getting the canoe to its most efficient power to speed ratio in shallow water
Putting it on the plane - Reaching the high end speed where the paddling actually gets easier
Drinkers - water bottles
Kicker - foot brace for the bow paddler
Wheel suckers - wake riders
Surge - stud canoer
Jet ski time machine - a jet ski that you have to stand up to ride
The Belem - my canoe
The Belem - my wife...this is where it gets confusing
« Last Edit: 08/19/10 at 16:25:59 by Los Humungos »  

Sometimes when you are man, you wear stretchy pants...its for fun... -Nacho   
You do not get guns like these from riding a bike. -Matt Strieb
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Reply #7 - 08/19/10 at 15:55:52

bvoris   Offline
Future Participant

Posts: 1
$%*&@#!!*$%  [ek-skruh-muhnt] -  Watching the countdown to the MR340 whose date has slipped and left you behind.
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Reply #8 - 08/19/10 at 21:45:32

jimmiethejet   Offline
MR340 Veteran

Posts: 437
moolexia .......... the inability to pass a cow or cows without mooing at them.
subliminal........... ducking under a tree branch
3 hour tour aka taking a Gilligan  ..............missing the takeout
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Reply #9 - 08/19/10 at 23:34:26

Really Tired   Offline
8X MR340 Veteran
Ground Crew Veteran

Posts: 55
Box o' Rocks -- what I actually had to carry in order to trim my tandem canoe during last year's race, or it can be applied to a partner who isn't doing any work.
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Reply #10 - 08/21/10 at 16:57:21

lavollmar   Offline
5X MR340 Veteran

Posts: 25
knothead = what was created by that box-o-rocks that I pitched at my brother, (my tandem partner), who insinuated that I was a box-o-rocks.
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Reply #11 - 08/21/10 at 20:09:04

Christine   Offline
Race Volunteer
Port Arthur, TX

Posts: 48
I'm feeling the love!

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Reply #12 - 08/21/10 at 21:32:05

climbguru   Offline
6X MR340 Veteran
Kawlloween Veteran
Kawlloween Record Holder
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Gritty Fitty Veteran
Kawnivore Veteran
Gritty Fitty Record Holder
Fish Tacos!!!
Jefferson City

Posts: 400
Rastabutt: this is related to dreadlocks just not on your head, and it is usually only one dreadlock
swamp *ss: this is closely related to rastabutt only small differences maily in pain levels

team division paddlers, watch out for the idiot lilly-dipping passengers!!!!!


"What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly ... it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated."  -- Thomas Paine.
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Reply #13 - 08/21/10 at 22:54:04

ORF   Offline
2X MR340 Veteran
MR340 Record Holder
Kawnivore Record Holder
Kawnivore Veteran

Posts: 129
Atomic Launch – employing a gas emission system to aid in launching the boat.
Boil – That painful bump on your bum caused by sitting for days soaked in river water.
Brace – any device used to prop your head up after days of paddling.
Broach – discussing subjects not often talked about in polite company because your sleep deprived brain has forgotten it has an inner voice.
Spray skirt – a loose fitting garment worn to conceal oneself while urinating in a dragon boat.
Strainer – What happens when you eat too much string cheese during the race.
Take-out – Pizza that I’m hoping the ground crew has waiting for us at Lexington.

"Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll go canoeing."  Henry David Thoreau
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Reply #14 - 08/22/10 at 15:10:55

MightyMO   Offline
5X MR340 Veteran

Posts: 130
AAAAHHHHH!: momentary pause when you are trying to aim into your empty Gatorade bottle and a huge 30 foot boil opens up under your boat and your paddle is starting to roll away from you...
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Reply #15 - 08/26/10 at 13:58:04

samiches   Offline
Future Participant

Posts: 3
Please tell me that Really Tired and lavollmar were teammates! Those comments were already funny, but if they just completed the race together......well, you get the picture.
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