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Ground Crew Guidebooks (Read 92978 times)
07/10/10 at 07:11:02
Scott   Ex Member

Over the years, many experienced ground crews have shared information for first timers.  Info changes year to year so use at your own risk.  But it's a good starting point in preparing!

This from Derek Fanguy.....good stuff.
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2010_MR340_Nav_Guide_4_0.pdf (Attachment deleted)
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Reply #1 - 07/10/10 at 20:39:25
jimmiethejet   Ex Member

Oh......my.....goodness.......  If this guy is at the race I want to buy him lunch at least.  What great stuff!!!!
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Reply #2 - 07/12/10 at 11:28:54
ksucats   Ex Member

Kuddos to you!!!  This is AWESOME!!  I highly recomment any and all ground crews print this...it is the MR340 Bible.  This being my 3rd year as ground crew...I plan on print this off.  One can never have enough information being out there!!!  I remember my first year doing this and I saw all these people with 3 ring binders that had maps, directions. and anything else you could need.  I had nothing....My boyfriend told me...you can do it, just follow people.  True you can follow people, but they aren't always ready to go when you are or maybe you need to make a stop for supplies!!  I learned from my first year....I have my own 3 ring binder and this will just add on to it!!

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Reply #3 - 07/13/10 at 09:55:33
Lane   Ex Member

My dad is Derek Fanguy and last year was my first year doing the race.  Last year I was in the menís tandem with a buddy of mine and we didnít have a clue what we were getting ourselves into.  My dad was our grounds crew and it was hard keeping track of where we were on the river because we didnít have a very detailed map which was fine because at the time we were just trying to finish.  This year Iím going by myself and Iím trying to break 50 hours so itís going to be a little more important for me and my dad to know where I am at all times.  He came over to the house with his three ring binder one night and I couldnít believe all the info that was packed in this thing.  It truly is the MR340 bible.  Iím taking the screen shots of the river and laminating them so I have a birdís eye view of every turn in the river.  This should be a big help this year for the race.  Nice job cuz!
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Reply #4 - 07/13/10 at 10:27:55
MrsMalloryFanguy   Ex Member

Derek is one heck of a guy! I am lucky to have him as my Father in law!!! My dad and I are doing this race this year for our first time...and without these maps it would be hard! These show you everything!!!! Smiley Cant wait to get this race started here soon and use my handy dandy maps!!!!!! Grin
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Reply #5 - 07/13/10 at 20:28:40
valerie   Ex Member

This is great! Over the last 3+ years I have made several crew bibles for races but this is very "fancy".  I would reccommend it to anyone.  You spent a significant amount of time on this and deserve much praise from all who benefit. I hope you hear from more ground crews. It should be called one of the best crew guidebooks.  Smiley
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Reply #6 - 07/13/10 at 21:56:04
Chuck Approved   Ex Member

As a newbie with my dad as GC, I was getting more stressed about making sure I had enough info for him. In fact, until I got this I was more stressed about him than the race itself. Now I can turn my focus and panic to the race itself.
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Reply #7 - 07/15/10 at 13:30:41
Scott   Ex Member

Bumping this back up because it's that good.
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Reply #8 - 07/15/10 at 13:51:52
Katie   Ex Member

Exquisite & brilliant.  Thanks Derek! 
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Reply #9 - 07/15/10 at 18:46:50
paddl-in   Ex Member

You shoulda charged a royalty for this!   Nice job.   I might finally be able to drive direct to kaw point without looking for and following skinny boats on trucks with Texas plates  (thats how I found it last year).
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Reply #10 - 07/16/10 at 07:58:06
spinar   Ex Member

Derek, great job!  Thanks buddy.
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Reply #11 - 07/16/10 at 11:53:56
Paty   Ex Member

This guidebook is awesome.  I printed it out and just now put my binder together.  Together with this and my GPS, I should make all the checkpoints in a timely manner.  Thank you so much for gathering all this data.  It is great.   Cheesy
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Reply #12 - 07/16/10 at 15:34:23
rivertrash   Ex Member

This is just priceless. We'll be using parts of this for our safety boat crews as well. You're a prince for putting this together and sharing it, Derek!

Just wanted to point out one small error:
On the Corps of Engineers charts, page 57 of the pdf., Cooper's Landing is slightly off. The actual location would be on the previous chart (page 56) just upstream of the 170 mile marker and just downstream of the Little Bonne Femme Creek.
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Reply #13 - 07/18/10 at 07:50:38
Laverne   Ex Member

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Derek! This is awesome!!!  Smiley Loretto (aka Laverne)
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Reply #14 - 07/18/10 at 09:27:31
ICYC   Ex Member

Thanks Derek, I'm much happier now about my wife's survival/sanity.
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Reply #15 - 07/19/10 at 17:36:58
cclement   Ex Member

WinkThis is the BEST!! †This will be my 3rd year as the Brothers Clem ground crew and I will be using it!!! †The first year, all I had was a Missouri road map!! †Can't find many small town boat ramps with that!!! †Last year, the other Oakland team (Soggy Bottom Boys) ground crew, Denise, googled maps for us to use. †That was such a help along with 3 more helpers, Donna, Kim and Lexie!! †The bad thing was, we had marked our windows with window chalk and had a bunch of cars (newbys) following us. †We still got lost and so did they!!! †This year will be so much better!! †(i hope) Can't wait for the Brothers Clem to do their best time in 3 years!!! †We are here for you two!! †Best of luck to Clay and Cole Clement, and to the rest of the other 339 boats and ground crews!!
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Reply #16 - 07/23/10 at 17:01:06
valerie   Ex Member

Let's think toward the future! Smiley  Move it up to the top!  Let's get ready for the race! enough of the ........ Huh
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Reply #17 - 07/31/10 at 20:14:07
mbanvard   Ex Member

Amazing work, Derek.  Any extra way to get a sense of the scale of this race is great, and the detail you went through was incredible.  (I hope he reads this)

- Michael Banvard.
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Reply #18 - 08/22/10 at 18:22:34
valerie   Ex Member

movin back up!
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Reply #19 - 08/22/10 at 19:49:53
Christine   Ex Member


Great work! †This will be my first year on the banks and I am looking forward using your documentation, hardwork and navigational expertise!! I will be supporting my mom as team captian and my 2 year old son will be my brothers extra cheering section (Go West Go!). †

Good luck to all the competitors, support crew, and volunteers. †And a special good luck to my sister Barbara who will be keeping everyone updated on each teams progress, from Southeast Texas!


Team Easy Livings newest recruit!
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