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Records (Read 154450 times)
Reply #40 - 07/28/13 at 16:08:55
geezerjock   Ex Member

Curious as to who is the oldest solo paddler to finish. Im 64 and finished this year but I suspect there is some 71 year old geezer out there that easily surpasses that.  Also I would like to see the solo category broken up into below 50, 50+ and 60+ as does, say, the Race Across America. It's tough to compete against someone 40 years younger.
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Reply #41 - 07/29/13 at 07:18:08
Bill Harris   Ex Member

I am not convinced, given good health and attention to fitness, that age has a lot to do with one’s performance in an endurance race like the 340.  There are so many variables—weather, river speed and the many obstacles enroute (rock, barges, sneaky boils and whirlpools, fog, those pesky hallucinations), individual strategies for hydration, sustenance, navigation, sleep, body rests, bathroom breaks, choice of boat/paddle/clothes, performance of ground crew,…you get my drift.

I am a four time veteran and this year, at age 64, I had my best solo time of just over 55 hours.  I don’t think I could have done any better at age 40.  But, as Dylan said, “Ah, but I was so much older then, / I'm younger than that now.”

My opinion, of course, but I would rather finish 6th in a field of all comers than take 2nd or 3rd in some contrived “masters” class.  I would like to hear from others.

…Bill Harris
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Reply #42 - 07/29/13 at 07:24:40
Scott Mansker   Ex Member

Bill is an animal out there.  He has not peaked yet.

And I'm not sure how old Bob Maloney is, but a top 10 finish in a crowded field of men's solos is really something.
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Reply #43 - 07/29/13 at 08:43:41
Forum Administrator   Ex Member

Records have been updated to include the stellar performances by the 2013 field of paddlers.  Let us know if something was missed.  Lots of new additions to the top ten division standings. Nine boats inducted into the 50-hour club, three division records set and a new course record set at 35 hours, 58 minutes!

You all continue to raise the bar and re-invent this course!

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Reply #44 - 07/29/13 at 09:55:33
Scott Mansker   Ex Member

Thanks, Forum Administrator! 

(Secret identity, Kate Mansker)
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Reply #45 - 07/29/13 at 19:14:24
LUCAS, a Miscreant   Ex Member

Hey Scott, I see a typo in the Sub 50 records for the team division. Colhours are listed with the Miscreants time. Boat 1826 49:12. Thanks!
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Reply #46 - 07/30/13 at 07:15:37
Forum Administrator   Ex Member

Good catch, John.  Got it fixed.  Way to go Missouri Miscreants!!
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Reply #47 - 01/11/14 at 22:37:07
Doug Jennings   Ex Member


Under the "Most Finishes" record, I have crossed the finish line 7 times.  2007-2013. Number 8 this year.


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Reply #48 - 01/12/14 at 08:14:09
Scott Mansker   Ex Member

Got you on there.  Sorry for the oversight.  There are only a few in that echelon.
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Reply #49 - 09/09/14 at 10:00:16
Forum Administrator   Ex Member

Records are posted to include the 2014 racers!  Setting the bar higher and higher every year.  Great job!

Please let us know if there is an error in the standings.
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Reply #50 - 09/10/14 at 21:06:35
CaverSteve   Ex Member

Under the Most Solo Finishes category I have 7 of those fancy completion medals from 2008 - 2014.
Steve Kaub
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Reply #51 - 09/11/14 at 05:43:56
Middlekid65   Ex Member

Good morning Scott ... under Women's Tandem, can you change my name from Joann to Jody?  I think my mother is the only one who calls me Joann ...  Cheesy  Also add our ground crew - they were awesome.  Kelley Angel and Russ Monroe. 
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Reply #52 - 09/11/14 at 06:30:07
Scott Mansker   Ex Member

All fixed I do believe...
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Reply #53 - 09/18/14 at 17:55:22
dcspecial   Ex Member

The Anvil Toters Chris, Brad and Daniel Colhour finished in 54:25 in 2014 in the team division. And if you want you can add Darin, Carl, and Wayne Colhour and Cathy Davis as ground crew for the this race.
Thanks for all you do for this race!

Darin Colhour
Anvil Toters ground crew chief.
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Reply #54 - 09/18/14 at 19:21:06
Scott Mansker   Ex Member

Done!  Looks good there.
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Reply #55 - 08/04/15 at 19:48:39
Forum Administrator   Ex Member

Records have been updated to reflect the 2015 all stars!!  Please let us know if we failed to capture your awesomeness in one of the divisions or categories, and it will get updated.  You've earned it!
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Reply #56 - 08/04/15 at 20:20:02
Jaybee   Ex Member

I would suggest that maybe it's time for a separate sub-40 listing.  Kind of the most awesome of the awesome.

Thanks for the update. As a rookie, totally made my evening!
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Reply #57 - 08/05/15 at 21:28:47
Laverne   Ex Member

Hi Scott,

Steve (Kaub) says please add Loretto Ray as his amazing ground crew to his #8 Most Solo Finish record..."Couldn't have done it without her".


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Reply #58 - 08/11/15 at 06:46:06
Fullhouse   Ex Member

On the 50 hour club records, there are some 46 hr times in between the 45 hours, #24 & #25 on the list are in the wrong spot. 
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Reply #59 - 08/11/15 at 07:47:52
mark and brigitte   Ex Member

Hi Scott & Kate,
Thanks again for the most awesome race anywhere!  Could you please add Gary Jeffries as ground crew to our mixed tandem finish of 45:20?
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