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Records (Read 154137 times)
Reply #20 - 09/13/10 at 11:28:24
Scott   Ex Member

Top ten lists have been updated on the first post of this thread, page 1.  Congratulations!  Lots of 2010 additions.  Let me know if I messed anything up.  Wouldn't surprise me.
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Reply #21 - 09/14/10 at 20:22:12
S. Swafford   Ex Member


Ground crew for the dragon boat was as follows: Maria Crusius, Bob Collins, Maurita Collins, Dianne Maurer, Kelly Barth, and Lisa Swafford.

These folks were a big part of the reason the dragon boat race was so fast. Longest checkpoint stop, I believe, was 11 minutes. Shortest was five. With a 41-foot boat and 20 people on board, that's simply astounding. Especially when you consider that much of the crew wanted hydration mixed just so, and only at certain intervals. (We'll set aside Mr. Butler's secret ingredients for later discussion.) And that we called ahead coming into Noren and asked for 12 cups of coffee. And that we called ahead coming into Hermann and asked for 15 hamburgers and two hotdogs. They delivered every time.

Talk about amazing ground support! Glad you're recognizing them, Scott.
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Reply #22 - 09/14/10 at 20:32:09
S. Swafford   Ex Member

And, oh yeah, Eric McClelland was a huge help with shuttle and pre-race logistics.
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Reply #23 - 09/15/10 at 05:15:48
Mr Magoo and Curlytop Too   Ex Member

Thanks Scott,
Could you please add Breese Holden as ground crew for Scott & Scott in mixed Tandem?
Another most excellent adventure.
Thanks Again,
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Reply #24 - 09/15/10 at 08:14:47
dkeeton   Ex Member

     Does a men's tandem team qualify for 50 hour club by just finishing under 50 hours?  If so, team 7072 finished in 49 hours and 18 or 19 minutes.  I can't remember the exact time. 

Thanks for all your hard work on this race.

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Reply #25 - 09/15/10 at 08:41:10
Scott   Ex Member

Right you are, David.  Sorry for the omission.  Got you corrected now.  19th fastest all time Men's Tandem finish.  Pretty impressive considering how big that division is year after year. 

Everything is caught up through this post, unless I made an error.  Double check me, always.

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Reply #26 - 09/15/10 at 10:28:21
soggybottomboys   Ex Member

Scott, could you add Denise Reed as ground crew for Phil Reed and Mitch Anderson in the mens tandem division, Thanks
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Reply #27 - 10/16/10 at 14:42:57
cdoggett   Ex Member

Scott, can you please add my ground crew to my name. (Valerie Doggett and Alexis Doggett)


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Reply #28 - 10/31/10 at 18:13:50
KCSMOKE   Ex Member

How about a record for the shortest boat? Felt like I took Pee Wee's Bike to the Tour de France.
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Reply #29 - 03/23/11 at 05:03:17
charles.nadia96   Ex Member

What was the boat and paddle used?
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Reply #30 - 10/30/11 at 13:59:46
Katie   Ex Member

Records have been updated to include the 2011 finish times!
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Reply #31 - 10/31/11 at 11:46:35
Stands_on_water   Ex Member

Could you please add my awesome ground crew for 2011 Dwayne Vanhoose.   Thanks guys.
And a monster thanks to Dwayne!
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Reply #32 - 10/31/11 at 17:37:48
MarieRose   Ex Member

Since ground crews are being added - please add James Russell as the best ground crew ever for the female tandem team of Heddinghaus & Tuttle for 2009, 2010 & 2011 ----thanks!
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Reply #33 - 11/03/11 at 07:50:44
padcankay   Ex Member

Where is the link or where do I find all of the final finish times for everyone for the 2011 race.  Please send me the results if available to awi4674007@aol.com.  Thanks  Arnold Wilson, a 2011 finisher.
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Reply #34 - 11/03/11 at 08:02:18
Scott   Ex Member

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Reply #35 - 11/04/11 at 04:17:59
Mr Magoo and Curlytop Too   Ex Member

Thanks to ALL who made it happen, another great MR 340.  The sore muscles are finally gone.  Could you please add Gary Jeffries as the ground crew for the 2011 mixed tandem Scott & Scott?

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Reply #36 - 11/04/11 at 18:31:24
Really Tired   Ex Member

Here's a record that I and my sister (#6995) would like to claim: The longest elapsed time between leaving a checkpoint and arriving at the next checkpoint by a competitor who successfully completes the race.  Our candidate for this award is the 18:25 gap between leaving Glasgow and arriving at Katfish Katy's in this year's race.  Of course, you are wondering why it took us so long.  I remember being slammed by a storm and seeking refuge on Franklin Island.  That's how I remember it.  But in actuality I think, in our fatigue and stress befuddled state, we were inadvertently paddling upstream.
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Reply #37 - 11/10/11 at 22:39:35
climbguru   Ex Member

Can you please my ground crew for every year to Matt Green and Kevin Schwartz? They really deserve recognition because I know that I am a pain in the you what across the entire state! The same group of hippies stick it out with us year after year. They are as follows: Ashley, Al, Kathy, Jen, and Tom Green, Bill and Sandy Schwartz, and Joe Wilson.

Thanks a bunch could never do it without you.
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Reply #38 - 11/11/11 at 08:45:56
PappysSupportTeam   Ex Member

Matt you did a great job putting TRES TANDEMS together and I really enjoyed working with all of your crew also. The girls , 9 & 13. loved your colorful language to which they had never previously been exposed. They have coined the phrase, "Oh that was just a Matt Green coming out." They really think they are getting away with something doing a "Matt Green". We've had lots of great laughs about that. Fourtunately their parents are taking it in stride.

Scott, since you're adding support crews in the records will you please add to PAPPY & SON & TRES TANDEMS : Granny Scroggins, Rachel, Janessa & Julia Almstedt, & Krista Patterson?

I think Soggy Bottom Boys already requested but just in case please add to them and TRES TANDEMS  also Denise Reed & Penny Anderson.

Is there a prize for the team with the most support people per paddler? If yes, TRES TANDEMS  is right up there in front running.
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Reply #39 - 11/11/11 at 15:43:27
climbguru   Ex Member

I think that a "matt green" is used quite frequently. I'm sure it has many different meanings. Some of which I'm proud of and others not so much. Here is a short list of common MG's:

1.Being the loudest idiot in the camp ground ten hours after quite time
2. Not being patient with the idiots who stop in the middle of the road at state and national parks to take pictures from their car
3. Stashing rocks or other heavy objects in boats or backpacks of climbing and paddling partners
4. Secretly tossing aerosol cans in the camp fire as I get up to get another beer
5. Cussing yelling and throwing stuff at hangdoggers!
6.  Wasting cheap beer to make people laugh
7. Wasting good beer to make people laugh
8. Throwing a kick ass party after a grand adventure and talking all night about how great I was and how much you sucked
9. The guy who blocks traffic on the interstate two miles before it goes to one lane for road work. Making it more fair for everyone
10. Posting stuff on forums that makes the administrators job a real pain
11. Taping sticks and trash to the bottom of peoples boat, then removing it before they realize its there.(Especially great during races!)
12. And of course last but not least cussing in front of young girls the have never any thing worse than "butt"(heehee)

It sounds like I taught them a very valuable lesson. Don't talk like that ***hole.

They have "never" heard that language?

Of course the list above isn't actually things that I do, this post was just supposed to be funny.

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