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Message started by Dark Horse Paddler on 05/27/20 at 21:31:02

Title: Missouri River Shootout Update
Post by Dark Horse Paddler on 05/27/20 at 21:31:02

There will be 3 course options based on many variables:

Option 1:  51.1 miles. KC to Lexington as normal - If everything is fine - we do the normal course.

Option 2:  41.4 miles.  KC, 5.5 miles up river on the Kansas, turn around the island by the 18th street bridge, go back down to the start, and continue onto the Missouri and finish in Fort Osage - If we can't get to Lexington - either because the Napoleon Gage is too high into flood stage, or because Lexington river park isn't accessible due to this week's flooding, then we will look at option 2.

Option 3:  30.3 miles from KC to Fort Osage. - If the Kansas River is moving too hard to paddle upstream (usually it's a lake after the Edwardsville dam), then we will have to do option 3.

We may have to make a game time decision, but the race will go on; that I guarantee!  I am working on getting the roster up now.  Please make sure you print off the waiver, fill it out, bring it, and pay online if you can to help us avoid queues in the morning.

Finally - thank you to RPC3 paddles who is donating a carbon wing paddle to raffle off at the race!  Thank you RPC3!!

register and check for updates at www.midwestpaddleracing.com

Title: Re: Missouri River Shootout Update
Post by Dark Horse Paddler on 05/29/20 at 10:25:52
****Shootout Postponed 24 Hours****

This was a difficult decision to make, but we have to move the race 24 hours. I have been gathering information - looking at Kaw Point, and other areas of the river downstream. The speed of the water is not the issue. The issue is if a paddler needs to get to the side of the river because they need assistance or tip over, and the river level right now makes that prohibitive. There is virtually no banks exposed, and getting to the side would involve coming into tree limbs which is not safe at all. Additionally, safety boats as well cannot access those types of areas. If we push it back 24 hours, the river will drop an additional 2-3 feet exposing miles of banks, and making it fundamentally safer. The Sibley gage will be out of flood stage, and the Napoleon gage will be less than 2 feet above flood stage.

I would rather have made this decision yesterday, but I was holding out hope that we could squeak by, but it rained way more yesterday than was anticipated. As you know, when you registered, we always hope that we can hold the race on the scheduled date, but we always reserve the day after as an alternative in a situation like this.

The race will be the full course - 51.1 miles, and the river will still be record breaking fast. Thank you for understanding and I hope everyone can make it on Sunday. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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