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Message started by JC3053 on 12/28/19 at 18:47:05

Title: Training Partners
Post by JC3053 on 12/28/19 at 18:47:05
Hello from central IL.   I am looking for anyone interested in doing some paddling this year prior to the race to include hopefully some night time paddles.  I have completed the MR340 (3) previous years, each time getting faster.  I have never trained previously just showed up and did it getting faster each year 83:36 , 70 something, and 60 something.  This year I would like to be in the 50s, which is going to require some training and to compound things I just had shoulder surgery.   Anyone interested reach out.  Anything amount of mileage. 

Title: Re: Training Partners
Post by Solido on 12/31/19 at 00:33:00
Hey JC3053,
Where are you in Illinois? My partner and I are training in Champaign for the race.  There are marathon racers across the state of Illinois that are always looking for people to practice with.  Let me know where you are located and I can try and help you get you hooked up with someone if they are close.  Nick

Title: Re: Training Partners
Post by lr1102 on 01/06/20 at 17:53:50
Hey there.  I am located in Springfield, IL and would be interested in doing some training paddles.  Last year was to be my first try at the MR340, so now this year will be my first.  I am recovering from frozen shoulder and just trying to get back into things at this point.  I am not a fast paddler, so may not be a good training partner if you are looking for that at this time.  Let me know if you're interested in trying to make a plan. 

Title: Re: Training Partners
Post by JC3053 on 01/12/20 at 13:29:54
i am located in Bloomington, IL.   

Title: Re: Training Partners
Post by Patrick M on 03/05/20 at 12:25:54
Check out the races in this area. If you have not raced, they will give you a bit of the experience you will get towards the front-end of the 340.  http://stcharlescanoeclub.com/whatshappening.html

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